LAN & WAN Solutions

As demands on wireless networks continue to increase, legacy infrastructures may struggle to deliver. Whether you are looking to implement a LAN or WAN solution as part of a larger infrastructure project or as a one-off deployment, KR INFO SOLUTIONS can assist you and at every stage with our end-to-end solutions. Through our industry leading partners, we will recommend the best LAN and WAN solution for your organisation. Our technical and support teams will then guide you through the network design, installation and post-deployment.

Wireless LAN

As trends such as mobility and BYOD continue to grow, the need for business Wi-Fi and wireless LANs capable of handling the rising number of devices on a single network has dramatically risen. KR INFO SOLUTIONS offer highly secure and scalable wireless solutions to meet these problems. How old is your current network? A common problem that today’s businesses face is the age of their current wireless network. When facing today’s bandwidth demands, they often fall short and require significant upgrades in order to meet the current burden of high density wireless over large areas.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

KR INFO SOLUTIONS has an extensive experience in creating robust, rugged and weatherproof outdoor Wi-Fi for a wide range of customers in numerous vertical markets such as Ports, Hotels & Colleges. Our dedicated Ports expert engineer has experience of installing large outdoor networks which have provided us invaluable experience for designing and surveying for the outdoor environment. Outdoor wireless networks are much harder to design for, so performing a site survey is very important. There are several types of outdoor wireless surveys; Point to Point, Point to Multi Point, Mesh and WLAN.

Network Switches

In conjunction with our industry partners, highly scalable network switches provide both core and edge switch solutions which boast the highest levels of performance, network security and network management. For businesses and organisations struggling to accommodate increasing demands on their data and network capacity, we have the answer. The latest network switches options feature multi-gigabit Ethernet technology with PoE (Power over Ethernet) power, enabling huge performance gains whilst protecting and future-proofing network infrastructures

Network Security

An increasing frequency of high profile cyber security breaches in recent times has led businesses of all sizes to reassess their network security. Wireless security solutions are designed with a mobile workforce in mind, and are built to protect your network from potential threats that arise from the use of mobile devices. With guest Wi-Fi access and BYOD adding additional complications when it comes to providing your workforce with secure Wi-Fi, it’s important that you select a solution that protects your network without rendering it difficult to use. Our remote network monitoring and management services provide a rapid detection and response to any unwanted intrusions or activity across your systems and include Wireless Policy Management and Wireless Firewalls.

Optical Fiber Network Solution

KR INFO SOLUTIONS is a one-stop for fiber passive and active products in various brand. KR INFO SOLUTIONS provides engineering, product and service expertise to design, upgrade or expand network infrastructure. We offers complete range of all ISP, Corporate office, etc., products starting with racks, fiber management systems to fiber connectivity accessories. KR INFO SOLUTIONS offers fiber cables as well as low and high-density fiber management products which are scalable, robust and based on standard components.