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About Us

We are KR Info Solutions, Having 20 years experience in wired and wireless networking solutions in all sectors.

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KR’s vision within the next few years is to become a leading Solution Provider and service in its markets and also to penetrate new markets.

KR’s mission is to offer complete and innovative Wired and Wireless Networking  solutions and services to its clients in order for them to achieve their business objectives and to keep up with a continuing evolving world.

KR’s Value these are the essential qualities we look to foster in our current team members and seek in prospective employees. People with these characteristics have the emotional intelligence and teamwork skills necessary to help our company maintain an exceptional level of service. Be Hungry. Be self-motivated and diligent. Constantly think about the next step and opportunity. Be Humble. Share credit and emphasize the team over yourself. Define success collectively rather than individually. Be Smart. Use good judgment and intuition. Be self-aware and conscious of how you impact others. Be Accountable. Take ownership for your actions and interactions with peers and clients.