Tech Support Solutions

Remote Technical Support Services

In today’s business realm, computers are the lifeline of business communication. For smooth business operation, tech support plays a very crucial role. Considering this fact, KRinfosolutions Services has come up with online computer support which could be availed from anywhere, anytime. Here, you get real-time technical support to troubleshoot your PC issues over phone, e-mail and chat.

Our experts boast necessary skills for the successful administration and resolution of the assorted PC related issues. Tech support for multiple brands of PCs, software and connected devices, Get in touch with our engineers.

Services we offer are wide ranging and cover everything from Operating system support, PC set up support and Network set up support to Virus removal support, PC security support, Printer support, computer optimization support and more.

We cater to the computer users from across the globe. Our remote tech support services include the following:

PC Security Support

Protect your computer from online threats with our PC security support. Our experienced technicians provide exceptional services for online computer security, notebook security, online network security, and laptop security so that you can enjoy secure computing. Services include

  • Implementing security tools for optimum protection
  • Blocking adware, pop-ups, phishing attacks and malware
  • Installing, uninstalling and reinstalling Antivirus
  • Password-protected file sharing

Network Support

Besides offing a reliable network support service to set up home and office network our tech support experts also resolves issues like slow data transfer, connectivity disruption or accidental loss of important records and issues with router configuration. We offer

  • Wired and wireless network setup support / LAN Support
  • Wireless Router Setup and Configuration
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity issues
  • Installation and configuration of Firewall
  • Internet connection sharing and troubleshooting
  • Installation of Network Operating System

Printer Support

KRinfosolutions Services render tech support to fix printer issues of all major brands like Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Samsung, Oki Data, and Xerox, etc. Some of our printer support services are as follows:

  • General printer troubleshooting
  • Connecting network printer to your PC
  • Ethernet wired printer setup
  • General printer troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting carriage/paper jam on a printer
  • Installation of toner cartridge

PC Tune Up Support

For the best computing experience, PC tune up support is a must. Our Microsoft Certified technicians make PC installation perfect and configure it based on your requirements. We do the following:

  • Set a system restore point
  • Checks for and install operating system updates and patches
  • Scans machine for “tunable “options
  • Conducts a hardware assessment
  • Disables unused/unnecessary services
  • Cleans up temporary start files
  • Repairs broken links
  • Optimizes System resources, Browsers, Internet access, Disk performance, User Interface

Grab our secure Tech Support services and grow your business better!