Inquiry Handling- Helping Your Business to Soar

Most successful business ventures in the world have two major characteristics. First is focusing on the core competencies and the second is flawless execution on a constant basis. This is followed for each and every aspect of business. For all the other companies, these features are found to be some elusive qualities forming to be one highly prized objective. To achieve business goals in an competitive environment and expenses, many organizations are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services getting their operations streamlined and increasing profitability in the process.

Fusion’s slew of BPO services are an ideal extension of our IT service offerings. BPO services are structured on a strong foundation of domain expertise and process. With the use of innovative technologies, KRinfosolutions services are finely managed to meet the high quality standards at work. We value our customers and we know clients rely on the services that we provide. Our all round services are there to improve and focus on the core business activities of clients maintaining high quality service in every respect.

Inquiry handling at KRinfosolutions:

KRinfosolutions is developed on a reflective and extreme matrix, which is to build a long lasting relationship through the inbound and the outbound call handling is one great technique to improve upon your own business goals. This method stands as an essential prerequisite at Fusion.

Today, KRinfosolutions functioning as a customer care center involves its own established inbound call center serving the purpose of a well-appointed information center. The inbound call centre is responsible for inquiry handling or managing the diverse inquiries of the customers.

Operating as a well-built information center, KRinfosolutions offers all the essential information for the customer. This is how KRinfosolutions delves in to offer a better understanding of all the products or the services. Its main purpose is to get the delivery of information double checked. Based on the actual needs of the customers and the proposed segmentation, inquiry handling services are offered.

Employing the method of inquiry handling, the inbound call center of KRinfosolutions aims to deliver full program development meeting the diverse needs of customers. The inbound call center carries out the entire process of inquiry handling by means of.

  • Email support
  • Telephone Response
  • Handling Information Request
  • Multi-language Voice Response Fulfillment
  • Dealer, Agent or Distributor Locator
  • Chat Support
  • Website Response

How KRinfosolutions is different?

KRinfosolutions Services is not all about making or receiving calls but it is much more than just being a call center. With our exclusive and timely service, we aim to serve our entire customer base with better service. To ensure superior service, there is a separate department that looks after the quality in handling the inbound calls in the real time.

Maintaining and retaining the loyalty of the existing consumers and attracting the new ones are essential and stand as one central point that exists. We are here to offer continued support and treat our clients with the best resources available, making them stand out in this growing competition.

Advantages of having inquiry handling services from KRinfosolutions Services

  • Getting an escalation process
  • Detailed monthly reports including marketing segments
  • Custom-made Agent Training
  • Language support
  • Personalized Interface Development
  • Standardized Response levels
  • Better Understanding of consumer needs
  • Technical Supervisory Help 24×7
  • Program Implementation and System Management
  • Weekly reports with complete review of activities
  • PC updating and File transfer during support session
  • Comprehensive Encounter Analysis
  • Advanced Data Protection Approach
  • Customized database to track customers